Don’t forget to bring your voice to your next presentation

greg-presentingToo often when we give presentations we are more involved with the content than the delivery, and thus the needs of the listener are often overlooked. If we really believe that our audience must have ALL the facts and figures, why don’t we just hand out a brochure containing the information? We should not become a talking brochure. GdeP Associates Ltd has developed an accessible and practical training for enhancing public speaking and communication skills by placing special emphasis on the power of the human voice, as well as training in the effective handling of PowerPoint presentations.

Greg has been very helpful in my new career as a presenter in the media. He is patient, supportive and brings great integrity to his teaching. He has increased my confidence and I recommend his training and insights on communication skills most heartily.

Duncan Bannatyne OBE, Bannatyne Health Clubs and Dragon’s Den BBC 2

Many years of experience in the field of voice training, coupled with a background in drama and education, ensure that the workshops are vibrant, sensitive and fun. The results are extremely effective and life-affirming.

Are you there to support your PowerPoint show or is it there to support you?

Voice and presentation training courses are specifically tailored for:

  • Media
  • Corporate and Business
  • Public Speaking Domain eg. Politicians, Lawyers and Teachers

These include:

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Business and Corporate Presentations
  • PowerPoint and the Voice
  • Media Training for Radio and Television
  • Dynamic Voice Training
  • Facilitating
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