I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience you gave us this morning and say how much my colleagues at ING benefited from your wisdom. It was a tour de force and I am deeply grateful to you and look forward to working with you again sooner rather than later.

Academy for Chief Executives

We have used Greg to coach us for two major one-off project presentations and a one-to-one interview. We were successful in winning all three commissions. We have also used him to run an in-house presentational skills workshop. We have found his training very helpful and effective. It has been enjoyable! I am sure we will use him again.


Well delivered course, extremely engaging and would highly recommend it to all staff.

Arup PPM

Expectations exceeded. Simple, effective, takeaway lessons that can be implemented straightaway, but make a big difference in effectiveness and communication delivery.
The course met my expectations. Fantastic tutor: energetic, knowledgeable and engaging, thanks!

Booz Allen Hamilton

Greg has worked with several Channel Four reporters and presenters, both experienced professionals and people new to broadcasting. He has achieved significant improvements in a short time and given them good ideas as to how to work on developing their skills further. I’ve been really pleased with his work and everyone he has helped has also told me how much they enjoyed and valued the experience.

Channel 4 News and Current Affairs

Excellent Course, the best I’ve ever been on and a wonderful surprise.

Communication Officer, WIPO

It confirmed a number of things I had believed in the past – for me it was great to see a superb teacher in action – practising everything that he taught.

Dale Carnegie Trainer

Greg de Polnay is an incredible talent and I feel lucky to have been tutored by him.

Department for Children, Schools and Families

Greg is an excellent and inspirational and insightful instructor.

Director of Communications, WIPO, Geneva

I could not have asked for a more superb teacher. Thank you.

Dr Ann Olivarius

Greg is a phenomenal trainer – genuinely the best course I’ve ever been on.


Excellent course and learnt a lot. The trainer’s obvious enthusiasm made for a much more educational experience.

Fidessa PLC

Excellent course; exceeded my expectations; very energising. This has given me much more confidence about presenting in the future.

HR Dept. Aberdeen Asset Management PLC

Your talk to our students at their introductory weekend is one of the most important in the programme and as ever you made the most of the short time allocated to the subject. As was evident from the applause you received at the end, your pearls of wisdom were much appreciated and I’m sure they will remember your invaluable advice.

Inns of Court

Transformational course. You should write the book – the House of Commons would benefit from it!


I feel so much more confident and feel I can prepare and deliver talks more effectively. Greg is a very dynamic, charismatic communicator.

London University

The course covered the most important aspects of presenting with detailed breakdown on how to communicate PowerPoint.

Medical Advice and Communication Specialist with Jansen Biologics, Leiden

Thank you for all of your help over the last few months. I feel a noticeable difference in the power of my voice which in turn has provided me with greater confidence when speaking in public. I am also finding the breathing techniques a great help in controlling my nerves both before and when speaking.

Merrill Lynch

Greg really made us feel comfortable and was very positive and encouraging to all. Many thanks. Everyone should access this training. It has been excellent.

NHS, Southampton

Thank you for a great day – I benefitted tremendously. The presentations that I made last week were definitely better than before and I got positive feedback from the audience. I would certainly recommend your voice training to colleagues who make regular presentations – how to unlock the power of your own voice through breathing and posture was a revelation, and adds a new dimension to delivering presentations with conviction and presence.

Novartis Pharma AG

Greg is very warm, encouraging and motivating. This has made a difference to the way I interact with others.

Octavia Housing

Thank you, Greg, you are an inspiration.

Senior Director, WIPO, Geneva

This trainer is inspiring, very knowledgeable and pays attention to every detail from his clients.

Senior Officer, WHO, Geneva

Excellent. Most impactful training in a decade.

Senior Partner at KPMG

All the training was relevant. Fantastic course, really enjoyed it.

Synexus Ltd. UK Management Team

This is the first presentation course that has left me feeling more confident and not less focused. Good experiential feedback, in a non-threatening, encouraging way.

The Cabinet Office

Very instructive and enjoyable. Felt one was being taught by someone who really understood Voice Communication. The most enjoyable course I have been on during sixteen years with the firm. Greg is fantastic and very knowledgeable – thanks for the advice.

Thomson Financial

This is the best speech and presentation training I have ever had because it is interactive, engaging and delivered with first class professionalism, integrity and commitment.

Thomson ILR

Surpassed expectations. I feel transformed; very liberating.

UK Mission, UN, Geneva

Greg is a fabulous trainer – highly experienced and skilled. I’d definitely recommend his courses.

University of Warwick
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