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    Bring Your Voice To Your Next Presentation

    Greg de Polnay - Bring Your Voice To Your Next PresentationToo often when we give presentations we are more involved with the content than the delivery, and thus the needs of the listener are often overlooked. If we really believe that our audience must have ALL the facts and figures, why don’t we just hand out a brochure containing the information? We should not become a talking brochure. GdeP Communication Consultant has developed an accessible and practical training for enhancing public speaking and communication skills by placing special emphasis on the power of the human voice, as well as training in the effective handling of PowerPoint presentations.

    "Greg has been very helpful in my new career as a presenter in the media. He is patient, supportive and brings great integrity to his teaching. He has increased my confidence and I recommend his training and insights on communication skills most heartily."

    Duncan Bannatyne OBE
    Bannatyne Health Clubs and
    BBC's Dragon’s Den

    Worldwide Presentation Training

    Though based in London, we provide presentation training across the globe. Wherever you are located, contact us about our presentation training and how we can work together.


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    Rest of the World

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    Voice and Presentation Training Courses are Specifically Tailored for You

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    • Public Speaking Domain e.g. Politicians, Lawyers and Teachers

    These include:

    With many years of experience in the field of voice training, coupled with a background in drama and education, Greg de Polnay ensures that your workshops are vibrant, sensitive and fun. The results are extremely effective and life-affirming.

    Are you there to support your PowerPoint show or is it there to support you?

    What Makes Us Different?

    It’s easier to act our way into a new way of thinking, than it is to think our way into a new way of acting.

    Marianne Williamson

    So, as you plan that all important presentation, develop that pitch, create that PowerPoint show or rehearse that speech, just remember – action equals gain! GdeP Communication Consultant deal with presentation as a whole entity. Excellent presentation is only possible where the presenter is in command of their own being and their topic. We teach you to master your posture, your voice and your communication.

    Combining classical stagecraft with corporate power, you will be taught all the techniques you need to be a confident and potentially brilliant presenter.


    To quote Marshall McCluhan: 'If they didn't hear it, you didn't say it!'

    At GdeP Communication Consultant we approach communications training from the starting point of the individual and more specifically, their VOICE. We show how the voice can impact on every aspect of communication, whether it's a speech, a presentation, a sales pitch, a meeting – the list is endless.

    Actors learn techniques to use their voices in a range of ways so they can fulfil the needs of a particular role. The right pitch, tone and expressiveness of voice can arouse a myriad of responses in the audience.

    To communicate most effectively, however, an individual must not “become an actor” but must learn to use the techniques of actors to convey authority, develop confidence and encourage active listening. And it doesn't end there....

    Body Language

    We study the individual’s natural communication style – their stance, body language, facial expressions, eye contact and mannerisms. We help them to maximise and develop their own style to create rapport.

    As Martha Graham, the American choreographer and dancer said: “The body says what words cannot.”

    First Impressions

    Whether consciously or unconsciously we all make judgements about others within the first few moments of meeting so first impressions are absolutely vital.

    Whatever a person’s individual style, if they are appealing and attractive, we warm to them. If they are articulate and relaxed, we warm still further. If they are knowledgeable and confident we are impressed. If they create rapport – we are hooked!

    Framing the Presentation

    The objective is to open a presentation with real impact and to be remembered long after it is over.  Using our unique method, delegates will understand the importance of original, contained and flowing presentations.


    At GdeP Communication Consultant we assist individuals and teams to create and deliver the most appealing, impressive and professional communication – whether in the form of a speech, pitch, talk or presentation (with or without PowerPoint).


    We explain how to avoid “death by PowerPoint” and how to use it to very best effect. We work with clients to improve and enhance their PowerPoint presentations and pitches.

    Executive Presence

    We work with executives, usually one-to-one (although courses can also be arranged for up to four delegates) to recognise, acquire, develop and refine that most elusive and valuable of qualities – presence.

    Personal coaching on a one-to-one basis is also offered.


    Our philosophy is based on simplicity. We believe that simple learned techniques are the key to excellent communication.

    We encourage delegates to see themselves from the audience’s point of view and to move from Presentation, which is everything behind them (visual aids, etc) to Communication, which is everything in front of them – the client!

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