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    When we give presentations, do we consider for one moment the very tool we use most – the voice?

    The answer is – probably not! What we do think about principally is the content. It is a fact, however, that the voice is the most powerful tool in communication and, without careful attention to its use, the listener may only absorb a fraction of the information that the speaker is so keen to convey.

    It is also true that most people use only 30% of their vocal capacity. As Marshall McLuhan, author of The Medium is the Message, once said: ‘If they didn’t hear it, you didn’t say it’. The onus is not on the listener but on the speaker. The speaker must engage with his or her voice at all times to capture and sustain the attention of the listener.

    The specific emphasis of GdeP Communication Consultant training courses is on maximising the vocal potential of our clients. No longer will they need to rely solely on PowerPoint. With our training, our clients will make the vital transition from Presentation to Communication.