I feel a noticeable difference in the power of my voice which in turn has provided me with greater confidence when speaking in public.


Individual Presentation Training & One-To-One Coaching

Our individual presentation training is the perfect choice for you if you need intensive one-to-one presentation training from Greg de Polnay, one of the UK's leading voice and presentation coaches.

You will learn the importance of your own voice and how to use its power to enrapture your audience. Develop your voice with Greg's tuition, to be unique and commanding with your audience. Greg's years of stage and film acting, along with his experience in the corporate world, mean you will be able to learn from a master voice coach.

You will also be shown how to develop better posture and presence to demonstrate your authority during your presentations. Posture and presence are essential to effective vocal control.

Whatever your needs for one-to-one individual presentation training, you will learn the techniques you require. Have a look at our testimonials for proof of the quality of our training. Contact us today to book your individual presentation training with Greg, or for more information.

Single or multiple sessions at either GdeP Communication Consultant in London or in-house.

  • Developing the individual’s voice
  • Enhancing the presentation and developing content
  • Handling visual aids, e.g. PowerPoint
  • Moving from Presentation to Communication