The course exceeded my expectations. I will definitely integrate the training techniques into future presentations.

ARUP, Leeds

One Day Presentation Training Courses

Our one day presentation training courses in London and elsewhere are designed to teach and develop the skills needed to be able to present confidently and productively to your audience. You will learn presenting techniques from Greg de Polnay in this fun and interactive one day presentation training course.

Greg's acting experience and subsequent voice and presentation training career have helped many people in very different walks of life to be able to deliver presentations in a confident and authoritative manner. Contact us today to find out more and to book a one day in-house presentation training course.

  • 10 Commandments for public speaking and presentation
  • See ourselves as others see us - Posture and Body Language
  • Hear ourselves as others hear us - Voice, Breath and Speech
  • Framing the Presentation - opening and closing
  • A Short Presentation
  • Feedback and final discussion