The course definitely met all my expectations and more. It should be compulsory for everyone in our company!


Learn Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Effective PowerPoint presentation is an area which needs special attention and coaching. To deliver a PowerPoint presentation effectively, you need to learn to treat PowerPoint as an aid, rather than THE presentation.

How many presentations have you witnessed where the PowerPoint presentation - however good or poor the graphics - took centre stage? Probably too many.

At a good and effective PowerPoint presentation you will be concentrating fully on the presenter, their words and stage presence. The actual PowerPoint display will be the back-up to their words - not the other way around.

Greg de Polnay will teach you the skills needed for communicating effective PowerPoint presentations. You will learn how to use your voice to engage and empower your audience. You will also learn how great posture and stage presence can help you deliver your presentation with the correct use of PowerPoint slides to backup your key messages.

You will be captivated by Greg's fun and intuitive coaching, thanks to his screen and stage experience in productions as diverse as Dr Who, Poldark, Dixon Of Dock Green, Shakespeare plays and Restoration era plays, as well as twenty five years developing PowerPoint training courses in and for the corporate world. Contact us today to book a one or two day in-house training course on voice and communication with PowerPoint.

A one or two day in-house training course in London on Voice and Communication with PowerPoint.

The course will cover:

  • Voice, body language and eye contact
  • Framing the presentation – opening and closing
  • The ‘so what?’ factor. The benefit of each slide to the audience
  • Specific emphasis on holding the audience’s attention
  • How to introduce slides
  • ‘Death by PowerPoint’ – how to avoid it
  • Creating rapport between the presenter, the client and the slides
  • How to use slides to back up and support your messages
  • How to speak spontaneously